In order to strengthen the security measures for ATM services outside Hong Kong, the ATM daily cash withdrawal limit ("Daily Withdrawal Limit") for all ATM Cards in different ATM network outside Hong Kong is amended to comply with the requirements as mandated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority with immediate effect (see Table 1 & 2). Please activate the ATM cash withdrawal function in advance by setting the daily withdrawal limit and validity period through the relevant designated channels (see Table 3) to continue enjoying cash withdrawal service outside Hong Kong:
Table 1: Cash withdrawals via non-JETCO network ATMs outside Hong Kong
 Region2, 3  Applicable card
 Daily Withdrawal
 All regions outside Hong Kong
 (including the Mainland of
 China, Macau* & other regions
 outside Hong Kong)
 All ATM Cards1  Pre-set to HK$0
Table 2: Cash withdrawals via ATMs with JETCO logo outside Hong Kong
 Region2, 3  Applicable card
 Daily Withdrawal
 The Mainland of
 ATM Cards bearing
 UnionPay logo
 Pre-set to HK$0
 ATM Cards without
 UnionPay logo
 Existing daily withdrawal
 limit remains unchanged
 (Activation set out in
 Table 3 is not required)
 Macau*  All ATM Cards  Existing daily withdrawal
 limit remains unchanged
 (Activation set out in
 Table 3 is not required)
Table 3: Activation Channel
 Activate of the ATM cash
 withdrawal function outside
 Hong Kong
 Channels for activation

.Activate the ATM cash
   withdrawal outside Hong Kong

.Specify the validity period4

.Set the Daily Withdrawal Limit
   for ATMs outside Hong Kong5

.Internet Banking, or

.Mobile Banking, or

.ATMs with JETCO logo,

.NCB ATM Card 24-hour
   Customer Service Hotline:
   (852)2616 6266

Please note that cash withdrawals through ATMs outside Hong Kong may not be available, if you have not activated and set the cash withdrawal function.

Activation Steps
(1) The Enhanced Security Measures for ATM Services outside Hong Kong is not applicable to non chip-based "NCB Fast Cash Card".
(2) For customers of "NCB Wealth Express Card" issued by Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited, if the cash withdrawal via ATM in the Mainland of China activate Flexible Account Management Service and the debit from the card-issuing bank's Hong Kong Dollars account, customers are required to activate the function in advance through the relevant designated channels by setting up the validity period and daily cash withdrawal limit (according to different regions and ATM networks) for the auto-debit transaction.
(3) Activation is not required for cash withdrawal transactions performed at some ATMs marked with "JETCO" in the Mainland of China and Macau.
(4) The setting for ATM cash withdrawal function outside Hong Kong will take effect from the commencement of the validity period set by customers after activation. The minimum validity period for such function is one day and the maximum validity period lasts until the card expires.
(5) Daily Withdrawal Limit will be defaulted to the base currency of the selected account. For example, the Daily Withdrawal Limit will be calculated in HKD currency if the sum is settled in the HKD account.

In case of any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of this notice, the English version shall prevail.