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Enquiry Hotlines

Contents Telephone number
General Enquiries 2622 2633
Main Office 2852 0888
Remittance 2622 2633
Mortgage Loan 2622 2633
Personal Loan 2622 2633
Commercial Lending 2622 2633
Investment Service 2622 2633
Insurance Service 2622 2633
ATM Card 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 2616 6266
Security Incidents Hotline ( Electronic Banking ) 2850 1100

Service Hotlines

Contents Telephone number
NCB Wealth Management VIP 2850 1838 (Cantonese) / 2850 1839 (Mandarin)
NCB Wealth Management Prime 2850 1818 (Cantonese) / 2850 1819 (Mandarin)
Phone Banking 2684 1866 (Cantonese) / 2684 1868 (Mandarin)
Investment Hotline 2850 1028 (Cantonese) / 2850 1038 (Mandarin)

Welcome your opinions

Dear Customer,

We are dedicated to providing quality service that suits your needs, and wish to hear your opinions in order to enhance our service standard. If you have any feedback or would like to recognize any of our employees who have provided excellent service, you are welcome to share your views through the following channels:

Contact Chanel Method
Branch Please share your opinion with our Branch Head.
Customer Opinion Form Please complete this form and return it by mail, by fax(852) 2815 3333, by email or in person to any of our branches.
Fill the Form Send Email
Customer Opinion Hotline (852) 3982 9960 [Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.] (This hotline is used for providing feedback. To ensure our quality of service, your calls may be recorded)

Your feedback will be followed up and acknowledged within 7 days upon receipt. In case we need to investigate further, our staff will endeavour to advise you of the outcome within 30 days. If feedback is lodged by a third party, please note that we will contact the customer concerned directly in order to protect our customer’s privacy.

Please read
“Personal Information Collection Statement – Customer Feedback and Complaint Handling”
carefully prior to supplying personal data to us for providing feedback.

Thank you in advance for sharing your valuable comments.
Yours sincerely,
Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited