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Corporate Banking Service Online (CBS Online)

Corporate Banking Service Online (CBS Online) brings you a comprehensive range of electronic banking services. At anytime and anywhere via Internet, you can conveniently access an array of banking services. And You can save even more with our preferential offers on designated online transactions.

Act now and take advantage of our e-banking service!

Save More with CBS Online
Service Scope of CBS Online
Service Fee of CBS Online
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CBS Online Service Directory (Applicable to the new upgraded system)
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Save More with CBS Online
  via Branches via CBS Online Save up to
BOC Remittance Plus
(per transaction)
HKD230.00* HKD100.00 57%
Express Transfer
(per transaction)
HKD180.00 HKD55.00 69%
FPS Service This service is only available online HKD30.00/CNY24.00 /
Telegraphic Transfer
(per transaction)
(Fee waived for the first 10 Chinese characters or the first 10 English words. HKD100.00 will be charged thereafter)
(Fee waived for the first 24 Chinese characters or the first 140 English characters)

*Please click here for the details of remittance service charges.

Service Scope of CBS Online

Services include:

  • Trading Bills - Apply or amend letters of credit, and enquire about import and export bills.

  • Real-time Fund Transfers - Provide FPS Service and Express Transfer (RTGS/CHATS), customers can transfer your HK$ and Foreign currencies at ease and enquire daily/monthly statement about your deposit accounts. You can also make payments to non-Participating Bank Group banks in Hong Kong via CBS.

  • Remittance - Apply telegraphic transfers, demand drafts and request statements detailing all remittance executed in your account.

  • BOC Remittance Plus - Remittance in HKD or USD between Hong Kong & The Mainland of China, Same Day Remittance.

  • Personal Administration - Send instructions/data file of MPF to the bank and issue salary on a specified date in a quick and convenient way.

  • Autopay Instruction - Send autopay standing instructions electronically.

  • Electronic Mail - Direct communications with the bank via e-mail to save time.

  • Securities Trading - Provides securities trading services and enquire information about your securities account.

  • Loans - Updated information available on credit limit, interest rates, etc.

  • Financial Market Information - Provides market updates, including quotes on individual Stocks, precious metals, exchange rates, etc.

Service Fee of CBS Online

Please click here for the details of service charges.

Contact Us
Email Address:
Service Hotline: (852)2622 2633
CBS Phone Banking Services Hotline: (852)2684 1821
CBS Phone Banking Services Directory

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