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Service Overview

ATM Service
The following services are available via NCB ATMs:
HKD cash withdrawal, some ATMs provide RMB cash withdrawal service
Balance Enquiry
Transfers (including "JETCO" Interbank Transfer)
Credit card repayment
Jet Payment
Change of Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Activate the ATM cash withdrawal function in advance

Cash Deposit Machine Service
Accepts deposit a maximum of 100 pieces of banknotes for each transaction
The daily maximum cash deposit for HKD Account and RMB Account are HKD100,000 and RMB20,000 respectively
Accepts deposit of banknotes denominated in HKD1,000, HKD500 or HKD100 issued by any note-issuing banks in Hong Kong and in RMB100

Cheque Deposit Machine Service
HKD, USD and RMB cheques, as well as gift cheques and cashier's orders are accepted
Up to 30 cheques in the same currency can be deposited each time
The cheque(s) can be deposited into any HKD, USD or RMB savings or current account
Bill payment of Credit Card is accepted

Passbook Updating Machine Location

Please click here for NCB ATM Card Service.

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