Personal Banking

Enrich Banking

Just depends on your lifestyle We will serve you right the way

NCB Enrich Banking is designed to complement your lifestyle and preference, providing you with 24-hour banking services. Through our professional team, diversified service channels, personalised e-services and fabulous privileges, you can accumulate wealth and realise your financial goals with ease.

Diversified service channels facilitate financial management

We offer round-the-clock services via diversified service channels such as Online Chat service, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile App and priority counter service at designated branches, allowing you to manage your personal finances and grasp every opportunity to grow wealth.

Enhanced e-platform provides personalised services

Through our e-platform, you can receive service notifications and market information of your choice to meet your financial needs.

Engaged team goes the extra miles for your needs

Our professionals are always at your service, providing you with reliable support and viable solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

Comprehensive information helps you stay on top of the market trend

We provide you with the latest market information and analysis to keep you abreast of the market trend.

For enquiries, please call Customer Hotline at (852)2616 6166 or visit any of our branches.

  • NCB Enrich Banking is only applicable to personal banking customers.
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