Conditions and Rules for Services and other Information

Conditions for Services
Rules: Notional Precious Metals Passbook Account
Rules: Metals/FX Margin Trading / Supplemental Information on Precious Metals/FX Margin Trading / Disclosure of transaction related information of Precious Metals / FX Margin Trading
Rules: Currency Linked Investments (378K)
Rules: Monthly Stocks Savings plan (130K)
Rules: Renminbi related accounts (382k)
Rules: Safe Deposit Box (945k)
Rules: ATM Card - Auto-transfer Service (892k)
Supplemental Information On Renminbi Services (407k)
General Information (440k)
Rules : NCB Wealth Express Card (228k) (Effective at 1st March, 2013)
Important Notice of Trading Shanghai A Shares and A Shares Margin Trading via Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Risk Explanatory Note of Exchange-Traded Derivative